Phyllis Bedells Bursary – Music

Phyllis Bedells Bursary music information.

Official music for the Phyllis Bedells Bursary can be purchased from RAD Enterprises Ltd.

Candidates choose one set variation, and one repertoire variation. Music for the set variations has been specially composed or arranged for the purposes of the competition, and is only available in the official music book. Repertoire variations are standard versions from ballets as detailed below. They are included in the book for convenience.

Female Variations

Candidates perform one of the following set variations:

  • Classical 1
  • Classical 2
  • Demi-caractère 1
  • Demi-caractère 2

AND one of the following Repertoire Variations:

Sleeping Beauty, by Tchaikovsky

  • ‘Crystal Fountain’ fairy (1st Fairy variation from the Prologue)
    Score: Act 1, No. 3, Pas de six: Variation 1, Candite. 2/4, B flat major, Allegro moderato.
  • ‘Diamond Fairy’ variation from Act 3.
    Score: Act 3 No.23   Variation 4 ‘Diamant’. 2/4, G major, Vivace.

Coppélia, by Delibes

  • Act 1 Swanilda variation.
    Score: Act 1 No 6 Théme Slave varié, Variation 3. 2/4, A major, un peu retenu.

Male Variations

Candidates perform one of the following set variations:

  • Classical
  • Demi-caractère

AND one of the following repertoire variations:

Giselle, Peasant pas de deux by Burgmüller

  • Male Variation 1: 2/4, D Major, Allegretto
  • Male Variation 2: 6/8, E Major

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